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Members on FLY

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Hello Experts,

I am trying to understand the process IF end user wants to add a new member ID to Dimension if dont have access to Administration.

In BPC310 Material mentioned high level of the process.

APPENDIX 1-> Plan Master Data -> Option 2 -> Members on Fly (End users Add new master data from Excel)

-Using comment and Dummy members(Nativly available)

Can any one throw more light on this proces?



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Hi Sri,

BPC310 is for MS platform. Is your query on MS or NW? In either case, my answer would be yes, however, there are few conditions.

1. The user should have admin access. Without this, user cant process the dimension.

2. This will require lot of customization and can be difficult to implement. Since your post is in the NW forum, I will try to respond with the flavor of NW in it. Once the user enters the members and the properties, these need to be captured in a file. This file should be, then uploaded using the standard master data upload DM package. You need to be sure that the structure of the file is same as the dimension.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Nilanjan,

Thanks for your reply.

Actually my query is already posted by Cora on below thread:

and the solution is also there, sorrry for duplicating.


we are wondering if there is a way in BPC to create ad hoc masterdata? For example, we work on a Input Schedule for special project cost where the user is supposed to be able to create new projects and type in free text descriptions and maybe ID, too.

Do you have an idea or even experience in realizing this requirement? The user is not supposed to work in the admin client maintaining member sheets, so a Office client solution (other than data manager import package) would be perfect.

Thanx in advance,