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Master Data load from BW in 7.5NW

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I have question regarding loading Master Data from BW. There is a thread that I saw, but that refers to 7.0NW.

We are in ramp up version of 7.5NW.

My question is - is the approach same in 7.5 also? - do we need to import those transports, create a flat file, etc


do we just need to create a transformation file and load.

What all is provided in base functionality of 7.5NW?

Please advise.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Anand,

In BPC 7.5 NW we deliver the same functionality as a data manager package. You dont have to import those transports which are mentioned in How to Guide. Infact that How to Guide is valid for BPC 7.0 NW. In BPC 7.5 to import master data simply use the delivered data manager package.

What all is provided in base functionality of 7.5NW? --- This is very general question, are you looking for anything specific here?

Thank you.

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Hi Sushma,

Thanks for the clarification.

Base functionality - it was more specific for this scenario. lets not get into that, right now.

Coming back to this scenario -

I am trying to load Profit Center Master Data from BW to BPC.

I have a transformation file, where I am saying:


I am mapping my BPC "ID" to 0PROFIT_CTR InfoObject

For Description, I am mapping BPC's description to Short text.

In either case, when I try to validate the transformation file, it says "0POFIT_CTR is not a valid command or column 0PROFIT_CTR does not exist in source".

I tried with



same error...

Not sure why I am getting that...

can you or someone help.


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If you only need ID and description of your masterdata in BPC, you can leave the *Mapping section empty in your transformation file.

Hope it helps


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Got an answer -

It was happening because my Profit Center was compunded with Controlling Area and the std function does not work with compounded characteristics.

Anders - I was just simplifying by using ID and description.

Thanks to all.


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We are also on BPC 7.5. please share how you would automate master data loads to BPC application and if its similat approach to BPC 7.0 How to Guide . I would like to automate the following delivered package in BPC 7.5:

1. Import BW InfoObject master data

2. Import BW InfoObject Hierachy Data

Thanks in advance,


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See the [How-to Guide|] I posted on importing master data from BW into BPC 7.5 NW.

[Jeffrey Holdeman|]


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Americas Applications Regional Implementation Group (RIG)

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I get an error that 'E' is not assigned in line 0 when importing master data text following the how to guide. I can't find any notes or other forum hits ... any ideas?

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I am also getting the "E not assigned" issue, has anyone found a solution for this?

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Getting the same E not assigned error. Is it expecting language specific texts for hierarchy nodes ?

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I get the E not assigned error message. Any resolution. Appreciate for your response.



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HI All,

I am also facing the same problem for my GL Accounts imports. the error message is " Line0 :,E,Not assigned


As many consultants are facting the same problem, SAPproduct development team should look into this.


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The most possible reason for this could be that the DESCRIPTION might be missing for the members. Load the TEXTS into the BW Infoobject and then do the master data and Hier load into BPC



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