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Ledger Setup

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We are currently creating the scope for a new public cloud customer. During the DDA process the customer wanted IFRS on the leading ledger but no local accounting GAAP except for Poland where they want local GAAP in the next phase of the project. See below matrix for current requirements.


Leading Ledger0L - IFRS0L - IFRS0L - IFRS0L - IFRS
Local LedgerN/AN/A2L - Local GAAPN/A

Based on my current understanding we then need to scope J58 to create the leading ledger so that we can have that for Poland in phase 2 and then scope 1GA to get the IFRS settings in the leading ledger. The problem that I do not understand is how we can exclude the local ledger for Norway and Sweden in phase 1?


Which scope item do I need to include and what config do I need to create to meet the customers requirement?


The reason why the customer do not want to have local accounting on e.g. 2L and IFRS on 0L for alla companies is due to the reconciliation work that needs to be done for all the ledgers each month.






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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Adam, when you leave the non-leading ledger blank, it means that the ledger will have assigned the local accounting. This configuration should be completed in the next step at the company code level.

I am adding an example with US GAAP.

The company code must be filled into each ledger.

SAP Help Portal:


Kind regards


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Thanks for the answer we, will have to tell the customer that in some companies there will be data redundance. Since we can not exclude the 2L in som company codes. All the best, Adam