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Land Use Management - Real Estate Management- End to End Process

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Hi All

We are implementing Real Estate with one of the client in UAE, Client has a requirement of Sale of Land, and also with Spilting and Merging option for the Land. This functionality is available in SAP REFX- LUM for Germany.

We are looking to implement it for UAE.I have some questions on the same.

1. Can we implement Land Use Management for UAE business as this is country specific functionality

2. If the answer for Point 1 is yes, then request you to provide the End to End Process for this functionality, as this document available on the SAP help or on google does not give the clarity for all the details, like when you are creating Parcel there is Usage and Contractual Usage Tab, whenever we are entering the information in this tab, system throws an error as " Enter the Partner for the usage.

Request you to provide the documentation on this process .

Your support and assistance is highly appreciated.



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