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Joint Venture Accounting Cost Calculations Step Rate Overhead Calucations

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I am trying to set up MCO step rate overhead calculations and I am trying to understand how this calculates the steps.

I have the following requirements,

  1. Frist $100,000 at 5%
  2. >100,000 at 3%
  3. > 1,000, 000 at2%

I am not understanding how SAP calculates the overhead. No matter how I try to configure it will not do what we want. Does anyone know how this works?

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Hello Murphy,

In order to achieve this, you need to set up the following way

1- GJ74

No Amount %

1 blank 5

2 100,000 3

3 1,000,000 2

2- In GJ63- Create a cost object type and select the right JV OH type

3- In the wbs master, make sure you select this OH type in the JV tab

4- In FBKP- assign the G/L account where the OH will post to.

Post to this wbs and run GJ95. It should work.

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What is the tcode to make changes in the wbs master so that I can select the appropriate OH type.