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Issue while uploading SAP GTS Tarif code (HS Codes) Mass upload for huge list of materials.

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Hi GTS folks ,

While doing mass upload of materials with HS codes  in /SAPSLL/MARC_UL_R3 transaction am getting a data conversion error message for certain materials as " No customs Tariff number found for determination procedure YBRHTS (numbering scheme name)

I have initially transferred all the material from ECC to GTS and only for few entries am getting this message.

This upload is based on

Screen shot attached for reference.Kindly request you to provide some hint to resolve this upload issue.


Lijo Silvoster

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Former Member
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Hi Lijo,

Before doing the Mass upload for MARC assignment to Tariff code, Please check whether you have maintained the Tariff numbers in GTS system. If you are using the tariff no XXXXXXXXX in the PRN file, then the same Tariff number should be maintained against the number scheme .

For this you have to Go to Maintain Tariff No in the GTS area Menu (/SAPSLL/MENU_LEGAL -> Customs Management -> Classification -> Classification Master Data Tab -> Maintain Tariff No) and create all the Tariff Numbers used in the File or make sure that it exist. Then Try uploading the File from /SAPSLL/MARC_UL_R3.

I think by this the issue will be solved.



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Hi Devanand ,

Thanks for  the prompt response which really helped to resolve the  issue.

I checked the data conversion error HS codes in the PRN file  against my numbering scheme and it was  found to be missing against it.Later I have maintained the Tariff codes against the numbering and file upload become succesfull.

Thanks alot Devanand


Lijo Silvoster

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Dear Devanand,and lijo

Sorry for interruption...why we have to check same tariff no is existed or not at maintain tariff no level.

Because maintain tariff no is for manual tariff no maintaining and uploading tariff no is uploading purpose.

If I am wrong please let me know.....

What is exact difference between maintain tariff codes and uploading tariff codes.

I am confused,Why we need to maintain in 2 steps.

Active Participant
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Hi Amith,

SAP has given two way maintenance of Classification of Products. one is to Maintain manually and the other one is upload using XML file by getting data from Data Providers.

so, if you want to maintain some Tariff or Commodity Code numbers of your own, then you can use the Manual Upload. it is always better to upload using XML file , which would be easy (if you are getting the Customs Info files from any of the Data Providers).

also we use the Maintain Tariff option to verify or make sure that a particular Tariff number is already maintained or not.

hope you are clear now, if you still have any further clarifications, please let me know.


Srinivas Yellampalli

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