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Issue while reading the ODATA service of convergent charging cockpit

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I am consuming the ODATA service of CC cockpit from S/4 HANA through CL_HTTP_CLIENT services. When get request is fired to query the mapping table the response is empty . In parallel if the same mapping table is opened from Cockpit the data is present, after opening the mapping table in CC cockpit and then if the request is triggered from S/4 Data is retrieved.

Quesrtion here is : If we acess the table from CC cockpit the data is buffered in CC system? and the same is requested by ODATA service?

Note: We are using the same ODATA service which is exposed to CC cockpit.

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Hi Dayakar,

Just in case, can you please first tell us which version of CC you are using?
Also, just to be sure: do you mean that you get a syntactically valid response which does contain a table, but with no rows in it?
It's like your query contains options to fetch the table without the rows (this feature was added a couple years ago, to let users fetch the description of the table without carrying all the data over the network each time).

To help us understand the situation, can you please show the dumps of the query and of the response here (after having edited the sensitive data, since we just need to see the structure of the messages).

Best regards.

SAP Convergent Charging Support