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Incorrect accounting document & PC being picked for LI rental postings

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Hi Experts,

Currently I'm faicng an issue in my project wherein when I'm doing the LI postings (posting transaction used is RERAPP) for a specific LI contract type ZBE6, contracts are picking a wrong PC and showing the accounting doc type as AB instead of K1 in FBL3N.

However, the LI postings for another LI contract type ZBE5 is picking the correct PC & showing the correct accounting doc type in FBL3N.

Should I reverse the rental postings for the contract type ZBE6 and re-do the postings. or else is there any other method to fix the wrong accounting doc generated & wrong PC being picked for contract types ZBE6.

Thanks & Regards

Shantanu Kar

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Shantanu,

criteria for document type determination can be defined in customizing RE-FX in Accounting - Integration FI-GL, FI-AR, FI-AP -

Account Determination. But usually document type is determined by posting procedure and/or flow type. Are you using also different flow types for these contract types?

Please check also which profit center is assigned to the contract (and rental objects if also posted to).

I guess it would be the best to reverse the affected documents as soon as you found the reason and then redo the postings with the correct settings.

Regards, Franz

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Hi Franz,

Thanks for your reply. I proposed the same solution to the client. They're yet to test the results of the posting after reversing the affected documents.

I'll come back to you once I hear from the client.

Thanks & Regards

Shantanu Kar.

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