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Incoming payment from a multi-currencues BP

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I have 3 invoices for a MC BP. 100 USD . 1000 EURO and 1000 GBP. if the customer wants to pay these invoices in a Local Currency. EGY . how can I do it from the incoming payment document. can the system relize the exchange rate differences. how about the Total Amount Due (****) .. will the system use a total mount or amount due based on the (local currency and exchange rate) from these 3 document. there is something got me here I can't get it . 

from the payment means .. what will be the document amount .. and how is gonna be distribute among the open docs .. 

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if customer is not making payment in full against these invoices you can mention the amount to be allocated in the invoice row selected. SAP has given a provision to enter partial amount.

Else, in the payment means window, using shortcut key Ctrl + B will give you the total receivable automatically.

In the payment means window itself, there is a field to enter the exchange rate prevailing at the time of receiving payment. 

System will calculate the exchange rate difference as gain / loss appropriately.

And the invoices will be affected in term of balance due as per the amount received. The total amount paid or due in respect of invoice currency will not change. The impact will be visible in ageing report. 

By default the outstanding will be shown at the exchange rate mentioned in the document. By using the option Translate Leading Currency at Aging Date you can check.

Hope this helps



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thanks for the help narayanis. this will help when the open documents was in the same currency I guess. but if the open documents was in usd, egy, euro .. the total amount in the payment means will be calculated based on which exchange currency ? usd, eurp ??