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In GRC 10.1, can you perform risk analysis in an access request for only specified connectors?

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I would like to have the SOD Risk Analysis performed when an access request is submitted only for certain SAP systems. Is that possible?

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Dear Jeanne,

yes, that's possible. You can pick your system from the drop-down list when executing the risk analysis. Also, the system will only check the systems that are defined in the rule set. So, basically you can execute the risk analysis against "ALL" but it will only check the ones that have rules defined. To define the connectors in the rules, you have to update your functions accordingly.

Hope this helps.

Regards, Alessandro

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Hi Jeanne,

Alessandro is right.

The way we solved it was to create a connector group in SPRO that only has the connectors for which we want to run the risk analysis. Then we load the ruleset only for that connector group.