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Import Master Data ParentH1

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I am using a transformation file to upload master data via ImportMasterData package.

In the transformation file I am including the following Insruction for my Comany Code (COMP_CODE) dimension





My issue is with the parenth1 instruction, the member "WORLDWIDE" does not exist in my upload data, I have added "WORLDWIDE" manually through the admin console.

I have set VALIDATERECORDS=NO in the options section and the validation works, however when i run the actual job i get the error:

Dimension COMP_CODE's member 100 has a invalid hierarchy parent 'WORLDWIDE',

This seems to imply that the parent's (even if they only exist in BPC) have to exist in the upload file, and that the upload data is validating with only the members that are uploaded and not validating with existing members in the dimension.

I am hoping to find a solution without having to add parent members to the source data, thanks in advance for any assistance.

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I think i figured it out,

set MAXREJECTRECORDS=999999 in Options section, looks like that worked.