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Ignored lines on data upload, but no reject

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Hi everyone,

I have a question about the import package, maybe the answer is simple, but I did not find.

Let's follow this scenario.

0. I upload my txt file on the server

1. I launch the import package on this file with the appropriate transformation (and conversion) file

If I have reject during the conversion, that means that in my conversion files:

- some values are in the datafile but not in the conversion file

- or some mapping values are not defined in my dimensions

Right ?

2. Load and process phase

If I have some rejects, this is for example aggregation levels or formulas, but what are the lines that are not loaded ? For example, I have 1299 lines in my datafile, and 1278 are loaded, and the message says explicitely "accept count : 1278 (in the source file 1299), reject count : 0" ???

Could you explain me this behavior please ? Thank you very much.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Eric,

The reason that the count is not same doesnt mean that the rest are not uploaded. There might be scenarios wherein a particular record is already uploaded, so in this case the same record will not be uploaded with the delta value of 0. There is another possibility that there are same records with different transactional data. These records will be aggregated.

Hope this helps.

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