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IDOC Simulator in SAP GTS

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Hello Friends,

I found 2 IDOCs simulator in SAP GTS as below


Could you please help me on below points

  • How to use the above IDOC simulators
  • How to configure the system to use the above said simulators

Awaiting your earliest reply

Thanks & Regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Rahul,

Both are relevant only to Customs Management.

Transaction /SAPSLL/CDOC_ACT_CLO has nothing to do with iDocs or simulation.  It is an administrative tool for closing an Activity for a Customs Document.  You may use it if a Declaration gets "stuck" in the Inbound (or Outbound) activities work-list due to a missed inbound message.  In that case, the document remains in the work-list even when no further events are due, so you can use the tool to close the current Activity and thereby move the document down or out of the work-list.

As for /SAPSLL/IDOC_SIM, it's a test tool for generating inbound iDocs representing example messages that you might receive from the Customs Authority for the Import or Export Declaration entered in the initial screen.  The contents of the iDocs are hard-coded.  You are invited to add your own coding for countries and situations not yet covered by the GTS developers.  A good developer should be able to add code and explain the functionality quite easily.

Hope that helps.



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