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HTS Upload and Format in GTS

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We're uploading a file of HTS codes into our GTS system but the codes do not contain the periods that typically separate the HTS code. ( ex.we required to upload like this format 9023.01.2040 , but right now uploading with HTS code as 9023012040 without periods)

We got the XML file as without periods for HTS codes from Third party data provider.

Does anyone know how we get those codes to include the periods in the system so our outputs appear correct?

is there any configuration missing to get this periods ( decimals ) ?

or do we need to do the enhancement to get this periods for HTS codes when uploading ?

Thanks in advance.


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Answers (2)

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You will need to customize your outputs to delimit the GTS value for HTS codes as they are stored in the system. This is typically the norm across different companies. Typically, a customer is not too concerned as to whether or not the periods are present so if you can convince them to not use the period, you are in better shape and you save yourself from having development done on your outputs.

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Hi Micheal ,

Thank you very much for responding ,

My customer is using this HTS codes for export shipment , the HTS codes should be with pariods and description, Is there any configration to delimit the pariods for HTS codes when uploading the HTS codes into GTS system.

or I have to create manually with customizing HTS codes in GTS ?

Customer is facing the problem in live system to use without periods for HTS codes.

Thanks for your valuable inputs.


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I believe, HTS codes are not separated by periods. I have seen some industries maintain HTS codes by separating them at every level though. An example for HTS code is : 0207140010 and not

You can see these codes on 'US Census Bureau' web site