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How to use user selection parameter in the ssis package

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Hello, The user is selecting category & time. of course in the dynamic script i have the prompt with %CATEGORY_SET% and %TIME_SET%. But the issue I am having is how to use these in SSIS Package tasks? please advise. thanks.    

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Zack

Which SSIS tasks in your package do you want to use. For example: If you want to pass a user entered value from a prompt in a data manager package to a Osoft task, you would put that in your dynamic script.


PROMPT(TEXT,%MYVAR%,"Please enter a value",,"")


If you want to pass a user entered value to a non Osoft task, then that will be slightly more tricky:

There are several approaches that you can use, you could try to use the

Global([variablename], [value]) syntax and in your SSIS package, you can try to retrieve the value using SSIS expressions to read the value of the variable.

You could alternatively  extract the value from the MODIFYSCRIPT variable. For example: All of the dynamic script gets stored in the MODIFYSCRIPT variable as text 'DEBUG(ON)<BR>MYVAR=VALUE<BR>...

Because it is a string value you could use a script task using string functions to extract the value and then do what ever you need to do with the value in the tasks you require.

It will get messy and cumbersome, but it is achievable 

Hope this helps

Kind Regards


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