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how to stop DM package(abort/delete..not working)

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Hi friends,

I run one DM package, because of code problem it's keeping on running. I tried to abort the package and also not able delete package.

How to stop that running package (front end as well backend )?

thanks, naresh

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Naresh,

Easiest way is to stop it at the back-end (BW) side. Each DM Package generates a job, so if you cancel that job it will kill the process. The most straightforward way to find that job is to go to transaction SM37 and check for job that started same time as your front-end shows.

Hope you don't kill anybody else's job:).



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Thanks Gersh, i found required Job in SM37 and cancelled then in package status - that DM package stopped (red X symbol) appeared.

I haven't killed anybody else's job:-)

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