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How to set up public dimension for 2 company codes

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Hello Experts,

In SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) Dashboard, we need to display dashboards for two separate company codes. We have created a public dimension for Profit Centers, and there are scenarios where the same Profit Center can exist in both company codes (1000 & 2000) with different descriptions.

However, SAC does not allow loading the same member ID twice with different descriptions.

@N1kh1l , could you please provide any inputs on how to achieve this?

Tanya Srivastava

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You cannot duplicate member id's in dimension also you cannot have 2 different descriptions for the same member id in a dimension. You have to make the profit center members unique by either concatenating the controlling area or company code with the profit Centre. For e.g. 1000_PC1 and 2000_PC1 


Hope this helps !!