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How to pass required condition types to GTS

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When proforma passed to GTS, will create export declaration in GTS

I want to bring following values and other if any(have condition typesin ECC) to GTS from ECC pricing procedure

NetValue(condition type in ECC)

Customs Value - statiscal value

Where do i need to map these condition types from ECC to GTS

Can anybody guide me


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can find this information in the SAP Implementation Guide for GTS-Customs:

Assign the Pricing Condition Type in the Feeder System to a Duty Type in SAP GTS:

1. Go to the Implementation Guide (IMG) for SAP GTS and choose SAP Customs

Management u2192 u201CCustoms Processingu201D Service u2192 Calculation of Customs Duty u2192

Assign Duty Types to Pricing Condition Types from Feeder Systems u2192 Assign Duty

Type to Pricing Condition Type at Feeder System Level or u2192 Assign Duty Type to

Pricing Condition Type at Feeder System Group Level.

2. Choose New Entries, and then select application level MM0A Receipt/Import:

Purchasing Document or SD0C Dispatch/Export: Billing Document.

3. Use input help to select the logical system (or logical system group) to identify the

feeder system(s).

4. Enter the pricing condition type of the feeder system (or feeder system group).

5. Use input help to select the duty type that you want to assign to the pricing condition

type in the feeder system.

6. Save your entries.

Hope this helps.


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I have made these settings and have tried to pass values for both the PO and Billing document, but the values do not transfer to the Customs Declaration in GTS. I have also activated the BADI in the feeder as directed to by the config guide - is there custom code that must be inserted here, or is there other config that must also be done?

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Hi ,

Yes you have to do the coding in the Badi (/SAPSLL/IFEX_SD0C_R3) so that the condition type values from the Billing document can be transferred to corresponding duty type ( The mapping of condition type to Duty type should exist in GTS).

The method IF_EXTEND_CUS_CDOC has to be coded so that condition value from parameter IT_KOMV van be mapped to transfer to GTS.

Ths vlaue from IT_KOMV has to be copied to CVL component.

Kind Regards,


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Hi Sameer,

I am currently struggling to write the code to transfer condition type in PO (FRB2) to Transportation cost in custom document.

I would appreciate if you can provide some sample code for the method IF_EXTEND_CON_CDOC.



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Hi Wen,

For PO the BAdi where you have to the coding will be /SAPSLL/IFEX_MM0A_R3

Here is the code that can help you



  • local work areas

lwa_hdr_ref TYPE /sapsll/api6800_hdr_ref_r3_s,

lwa_komv TYPE komv,

lwa_cvl type /SAPSLL/API6800_ITM_CVL_R3_S,

lt_cvl type standard table of /SAPSLL/API6800_ITM_CVL_R3_S.

  • retrieve reference document nr (app.level=SD0C) & back-up into DB

LOOP AT cs_hdr_cdoc-ref INTO lwa_hdr_ref.

LOOP AT it_komv INTO lwa_komv.

  • To populate the Cond.value in the BADI

lwa_cvl-item_number = lwa_komv-kposn.

lwa_cvl-qual_val = lwa_komv-kschl.

lwa_cvl-value = lwa_komv-kbetr.

lwa_cvl-value_float = lwa_komv-kbetr.

lwa_cvl-val_curr = cs_hdr_cdoc-gen-company_code_curcy.

lwa_cvl-val_curr_iso = cs_hdr_cdoc-gen-company_code_curcy.

append lwa_cvl to lt_cvl.

clear: lwa_cvl.



cs_itm_cdoc-cvl[] = lt_cvl[].

  • commit DB changes to avoid synchronization issue


  • release local memory

FREE: lwa_hdr_ref, lwa_komv.

Kind Regards,


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