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How to Improve BPC Performance ?

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Dear All :

We have a sales planning Application, which has 17 dimensions and Customer & Material Dimensions have about 10000 members. When we create a Input form for this application, it can not be open or it need to take a long time to open this

input form. How can O solve this problem? If we still need so many dimensions and members.

Need your kindly Input your idea.



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Hi Lawrence,

The performance depends on lot of things. It will depend on your hardware, the server's hardware, how are you trying to fetch data (through EVDRE or EVGTS), how many dimension formulas you have. So, you see, there are lot of criterias. First, try to use EVDRE template. Second, If you want to display lot of members, then performance will be definitely effected. It will depend on how many members you want the expansion to happen. Then, the more dimension logic, you have, slower the performance would be.

Hope these points will help you.

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Dear nilanjan chatte :

As I mention, we have sales planning application which have about 17 dimension and customer dimension has about 10000 member and plan_material dimension has about 1000 members. We use EVDER and expend this two dimensions. This BPC Excel can not be open. but sales planning application is only 5 records this time. My question is that "Can we define this BPC Excel input form which only read application cube data, and do not expend by dimension member" .

Thanks !!

Lawrence Kuo

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You can set the Suppress option in your member range to "Y" to only show existing records. You may also want to consider restricting your expansion using hierarchies or properties.