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How to enable distribution/transfer posting for Sales-Based Rent conditions

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As the rent is calculated at the time of settlement, there will be no unit price for Sales-Based Rent(SBR) conditions as you know. As a result though distribution formula is assigned for SBR condition, there can be no distribution/transfer posting made for SBR conditions.

So to enable transfer postings to SBR conditon, I found a BAdI (BADI_RECD_DIST_RULE of enhancement spot BADI_RE_CD_CD) to implement by configuring a distribution formula with its Internal Formula as 'BAdI Distribution'. But prior going ahead with development, please let me know if there are any workarounds to address the same.

Thanks in advance !


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Hi Sekhar,

as soon as the sales based rent condition has a valid distribution formula assigned, it should also post the transfer posting to the object. Please also have a look at the note 838904 which describes that.

It is true that the sales based rent settlement does not have the possibility to access a saved distribution rule when the unit price is 0. The settlement 'changes' the condition with the calculated sales based rent and determines the distribution then.

The settlement just has to find the correct condition for that. Perhaps the validity is inapproriate?

Hope this already helps you any further.


Christian Palzenberger

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Thanks Christian

Yes, you were right.

In my case, there were two sales rules for two rental objects respectively. When I tested RERAPP for Transfers I'm able to see the documents for transfer postings as well. Does this applies to One rental object case as well ?