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How to do scoping of BPC ?

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Dear experts,

I am very new to BPC. Recently, I am studying BPC and wish to know more information on how to do the scoping as there are many features that BPC provided. From my understanding, the complexity of the solution will depend on the number of subsidies to be consolidated, number of account. However, I know this is still very high-level. Is there any typical question that we have to ask clients as a professional?

Besides, I totally have no idea on the scoping of budgeting and planning part. Should I say " The solution will handle up to 10 interface files etc..."

Thanks all.


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Hi RF,

There are some particular questions which are asked to gauge the magnitude of the project.

The number of interfaces might be a question to identify the timelines of the project. Also, you need to understand how many planning templates will be there; since this will also impact the project timelines. On top of these, you need to identify which kind of planning are being done - capex planning, P&L planning, etc.

On a broader note, these questions will come with experience. Otherwise, its difficult.

Hope this helps.