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How to display PFCG role description in different languages in SAP GRC ARM?


Dear All,

there is a need from our business users to have PFCG role descriptions translated into different languages in target systems - and those descriptions are needed to show in SAP GRC ARM access request form. In case the user logs into SAP GRC in German and submits a role assignment request for the given target environment, the German description of the role should be populated in the request form, for example.

I know that it is possible to setup different descriptions in different languages for the same PFCG role - by the help of SE63. Afterwards the different role descriptions in different languages can be seen in table AGR_TEXTS - in the target system. Can these descriptions be used by SAP GRC?

I performed authorization sync, repository object sync and role upload between my SAP GRC environment and the target system (after defining EN and DE description for my role in the target system). Afterwards I logged in to my SAP GRC NWBC platform in German and tried to request the role - but the German description of the role is not populated in the ARM module. The description field remained empty. My target system is a S4HANA environment. My SAP GRC version is 12.

Is there any way to consider the different descriptions of the PFCG roles from the target system - when a user is requesting that role in GRC ARM module? Is GRC capable to 'switch' between languages of the same PFCG role - based on the user logon language into SAP GRC?

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