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How to disable standard sap "Release" and "Status" buttons located on the "General Data" tab in RE80 "Building" object

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Can someone please help me with the following...any help is much appreicated.

I would like to disable the "Release" and "Status" buttons located on the "General Data" tab in RE80 "Building" object. I was not able to do this via configuration.  These buttons are part of standard SAP.  Thanks.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Jean,

As described by Andre Nakratzas, you can make the status flag as forbidden.
And if you also want the Status fields in the General Tab of the contract to be invisible the use SHD0, create a transaction variant by hiding the status strip and tab.
For use of SHD0 the following manual will help :


Hope I could be some help to you!

Siddharth Khandelwal

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Hi, as far as I know you cannot disable these buttons from RE80/REBDBU. An option that you could use is to hide this section in the screenlayout via the customizing of the building. Having said that you would still have the release button the menubar (see below).

The question is what the purpose is of hiding these buttons? Is it to create a segregation so that the person who creates the building cannot release it? If that is the case you might want to consider using the User Status. You can define an initial user status on the building that prevents the release of the building:

Only after the user status is changed to for example. "Release permitted" the BU can be released. Who can change this status can be controlled with Authorizations within the user status.

Not sure if this is helpful, otherwis please provide some more background information.

Kind regards, Andre