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How to configurate income statement elimination between intercompany

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Hi, experts! Could you help me to configurate income statement eliminations between intercompany transactions in a different way than the standard of BPC? I am trying to eliminate the effect of the sale in the seller and the effect of the bought in the buyer and the difference between this accounts must be recorded (eliminated) in another account that has the buyer. For example:

EntityAccountInter companyAmount

BPC 10.1 is the current version that I am using.

I would be glad if you could help me.

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Answers (1)

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Hi Marina,

you can easily in the rule swap the entity and intco members as there is an option for just that. So to eliminate the sale reported by A in B and the cost reported by B in A, simply tick that option on those two items.

To then see the difference on A as well, you need to eliminate the sale reported by A (on A so no swap) and the cost reported by B (on A, so swap again) on the same account.

Hope this helps.