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How to change path for Ev4Excel.xla

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Dear All,

I'm trying to execute predefined BPF - custom menu (ProcessFunctions.xls). Whenever if click e.g. on Back, forward, open a file following similar message is being prompted:

Macro 'E:\Program Files\BPC\Ev4Excel.xla'!'EvMacroCall "OPENFILE","REPORTS\WIZARD\HotAnalysis\A01 Account Trend.xls","","","","","" can not be executed. Macro may not stated in this workbook or all macros can be deactivated.

Ev4Excel.xla is resided under path E\PC_MS.

How can I change path for macro call?

Or any other idea?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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i don't understand why do you have to change the path for Ev4Excel.xla?

Basically this the addin of BPC into excel. I mean it is the BPC excel client.

You are choosing the path when you are performing the installation of SAP BPC.

So Idon't understand why do you want to change the path?

If you want to do this you have to reinstall the BPC client and you have to choose the path wanted.

You error is not related to the path it is more related to rights.

I think you have to provide more details about the steps done and in what condition you observer this error.


Sorin Radulescu

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