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How is the logic behind the partial cash discount (V_T043G-XSKAN) OBA3?

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Hi Experts,

Need help to understand the logic (math) behind the partial cash discount (V_T043G-XSKAN).

I have an invoice that has payment term that allow early discount (2%). 

Total invoice is 60243.75, customer paid only 55000.00. Clearing document will generate and a short payment of 5243.75 and a discount of 1122.45. I was not able to do regression to understand the logic to reach out these 1122.45. Need to understand how this field V_T043G-XSKAN play to do clearing (balance amounts).

If discount apply to total invoice 60243.75 -> 2% -> 1204.875

If discount apply to partial payment 55000.00 -> 2% -> 1100.00

Not sure how system calculated 1122.45


Reinaldo Camargo

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Hi @rcamarg1980, Kindly check the tax amount in the invoice and calculate the discount at gross value.