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Hide connector in Generation step (BRM)

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Hello experts,

I need support.

We have the following methodology at GRAC - BRM:

  • 1 - Define Function
  • 2 - Authorizations (in Dev)
  • 3 - Derive
  • 4 - Risk Analysis
  • 5 - Generate (In QA)
  • 6 - Test
  • 7 - Approval
  • 8 - Generation (In PRD)

Is it possible for me to remove the PRD connector in phase 5 of generating in QA?

I would like to keep the DEV(Default) and QA in step 5 and then, only in step 8, make the PRD connector available.

Thank you, Friends

Rubens Vaz Muller

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Hi Rubens

Sure, you can guide your basis team accordingly.

Also, as I can see, you have raised OSS message. You can come back and update us if you have any further query on this.

Request you to confirm and close this thread.

Thanks and Regards