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GTS status log information

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Hello Gurus,

I need to prepare/pull a report where I could see historical version of blocked documents . Here I am not talking about current status of customs document. We need to pull the log from CDHDR/CDPOS table log and get the “oldest” entry for that document. For example when document created at that time document would have blocked due to different reason but now it would have released.

So are there any other tables/program/FM in GTS for logging the changes or the different statuses / Historical versions?

Please propose any solution.

Thanks in advance

Ravi Sankar

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Hi Ravi,

For SPL and Embargo: you can find the logs with earlier status information in table - /SAPSLL/CUHDSTA

and for Legal control - you can find the find the same in - /SAPSLL/CUITSTA. Good thing is date fields are also available here, so you can add the date specific logic as per your requirement.

Hope it helps.


Raj Mirikar

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Thanks Raj,

In the tables /SAPSLL/CUHDSTA or /SAPSLL/CUITSTA, we can see the “current” status as it is today, but not a historical version (“how it has been in time period xyz”).

I hope I have cleared my requirment details.