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GTS Questions for Indirect Materials and Transfer Error

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I have two GTS questions.  One is for indirect materials and second is for help troubleshooting an error.  Please see questions below.  Greatly appreciate any feedback.

1.  I know GTS is not built to manage indirect materials.  The only option I have now is to store these materials in ECC so that they can flow to GTS.  I am wondering if there are any other standard options to consider for managing indirect materials?

2.  I get message “Of 1 selected partner(s), 0 were processed successfully"  when trying to transfer a customer and vendor.  Basis looked at the issue and didn't find anything wrong with the system connection/communication.  Any suggestions?  Is there an OSS note?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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For question 1: As far as I know, there is no alternative way to manage this, the only way is created the product in ECC and transfer this material to GTS. So next time any documents associated with the product can be recongnized by GTS.

For question 2: Usually there should be a log displayed in ECC stating the error, if you still run into the problem, please report an OSS message to component SLL-LEG-CON

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