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GTS IDoc not populating key fields

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We are finding some basic data, such as OGA codes for materials are not populating the IDoc for EDI transmission. In the standard generic IDoc layout, there is a location for this data, and on a transaction level, the OGA is populating the customs declaration. However, it is not populating to the IDoc. Does anyone have expierence with this issue, and options to resolve?

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Answers (2)

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Hi GTS User7,

I guess you're talking about messaging in Customs Management? Could you give some examples of the fields that you would like to see in the idoc, and/or the segments that you would expect to see populated? Your question is a little too general to answer easily.

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If you can debug, the fast and "real" solution is to debug the BADI responsible for creating the IDOC.

If you find implementation /SAPSLL/PCDCUSEX_I In SE19 or SE84 put a breakpoint there and then debug the program after you execute the outbound message in declaration. ( Session Break point or User Breakpoint in method EXECUTE )

Not a straightforward answer I guess, but definitely the way to go


Brano Petricek