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GRC AC 10.0 Closed Date for Access Requests

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My client requires weekly metrics to show the number of closed requests for each request type.  In AC 5.3 the Access Request dashboard on the informer tab had a closed date search criteria.  Is there a similar search in AC 10.0?

I have checked search requests, all the reports, and GRAC tables, and I have yet to find a way to search by closed date.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated,


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Answers (2)

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Product and Topic Expert
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Yes Ryan. You are right. There is no such field 'Closed Date' available in 10.0 release.

In 5.3, we have an option to search the request based on Start Date - To Date and same is available in 10.0 also. Though an additional field 'Closed On' is available in 5.3 Report Results. However, you cannot search requests based on 'Closed On' date in 5.3 also.

In 10.0. Request can be searched in 'Access Request' Report using required field selection criteria (Start Date, To Date, Request Type, etc.).

You can also search request based on the Request Status (as Shreya suggested) Approved, Cancelled, Rejected, etc.

Thanks & Regards


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Hi Ryan,

Please try searching the closed requests as 'Approved' by filtering the requests on the basis of their respective Processes, under 'Request Status'  in Access Request.

Hope this helps!