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Getting Error"Business Partner Type XX does not exist"

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I have changed my Customer Master name in R/3 & transfering to GTS7.2.

It has not updated in GTS system. I am getting error log "Business Partner Type XX does not exist".

Here "XX" is the value i have maintained in Industry field of customer master data.

Is there any setting, i have missed or how to proceed this?

It was working fine in our old system GTS7.1

Thanks in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Shanawaz,

Check SM58 and ensure you aren't getting any errors with

the function modules.


1. Note 968405

2. Note 1036683

check your mapping and if every thing is flagged properly.


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You have to define the BP type in config. All of your industrial codes should be there in GTS as BP types.

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Thanks Thirumal.

In our earlier version (ie 7.1), we have not maintained this value as business partner type.

Is this an new functionality in new version 7.2? anything other then this has changed in new version...


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This issue is regarding the field value industry key in R/3 that is now

been assigned to field BP kind in GTS. Previously this value was not

considered in GTS. It has been implemented with note 1253045.

While transferring the BP it will try to save or assign industry key value from R/3 into field BPKIND in table BUT000 in GTS. The corresponding values (BP types) has to be maintained in GTS

which relates to values from R/3 if the BP types are missing in GTS

which are there in R/3 you will get an error while transferring.

Kindly refer following customizing path in GTS to define missing business

partner type "Cross-Application Components > SAP Business Partner >

Business Partner > Basic Settings > Business Partner Types >

Define Business Partner Types".

On the other hand if you don't want this assignment of industry key to

field BPKIND you can clear the value in this field (BRSCH) before the

transfer via user exit in R/3.

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