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GET 1 parent member

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Hi expert,

in my script:

*XDim_Memberset Product = <ALL>

This will scan all of my children product only when i use WHEN/ENDWHEN...

but now i want include 1 parent member call : PD_SHEET only one !!

I dunt want use: *CALC_DUMMY_ORG Product=PARENTH1

because this will make my system scan all the parent member ..and i have 100++ parent member..

is there any idea??

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Answers (2)

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no answer, close message

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Hi Chiam,

Since you're quite certain you only wanted to grab the value of 1 particular parent, i.e. PD_SHEET, i suggest that you hardcode the filtering of the PD_SHEET's children. I assume the necessary *SELECT and *XDIM_MEMBERSET statements have been done accordingly.

For example, assuming the children of PD_SHEET are:

1. PD_SHEET_Child1

2. PD_SHEET_Child2

3. PD_SHEET_Child3

Then in your script logic, you can do the following:





I believed you can also do the following:





You'll have to experiment with the last one, since the property PARENTH1 doesn't work with in some aspects of BPC, for example "Insert Member" in BPC Excel the last i checked, but in anycase the first logic though appearing clumsier, should work.


Lip Chean

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HI Lip Chean,

Thanks for your reply..

My concern is I wish to include all the 1000+ children ,not only children under PD_SHEET.