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Funny-looking account row in a report

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We have BPC MS 7.0 and my Excel 2007. When I view a report (account x time), I have this funny looking list of accounts..







Question: What causes the system to display "ACCOUNT:501110" instead of just "501110" like other accounts?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Zikif,

If you have the same member in multiple dimensions, then the system tries to distinguish them by completely quantifying them as:

<dim name>:<member name>

This is what you are getting in your report.

You have the member 501110 in the account dimension. You must be having the same member in some other dimension also.

There is nothing to worry about. Its just the way the system represents them. However, if you dont want this to happen, then you should consider renaming one of them, to avoid duplicacy.

Hope this helps.

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