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FS-CD: Void encashed check

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The check XXXXX is encashed and cannot be reversed via FP08 or can be voided via FPCHR. The payment document is blocking the complete reversal of the Broker report. Due to this block, the Broker report is in "Partially reversed " status.

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Sorry Rajasekaran for the very late reply.

Most probably, I haven't understood the issue. Usually, an incoming payment submitted by a collecting broker (e.g. incoming cheque, incoming bank transfer) isn't directly linked to a particular broker report ... as long as the postings of all detailed broker report items have not been made dependent on the posting of the - aggregated - payment. Is this the case, please?

Instead, the reported source items (which might belong to many different Insurance Objects, like various policies, claims and commissions contracts) are posted in a summarized manner on a specific Contract Account, which is owned by the Broker - and the sum-up posting, which results out of the broker report, belongs to the InsuranceObject-BusinessPartner-Relationship 'Broker Contract XYZ - Broker 123'. From this view angle, an incoming cheque submitted by the broker is assigned to one and the same InsuranceObject-BusinessPartner-Relationship 'Broker Contract XYZ - Broker 123' and posted on the Broker's settlement Contract Account. Thus, the cheque could be voided or the payment assignment of this cheque can be reversed.

Therefore, I kindly ask for more information - before providing an answer.

Best regards,