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Flexible Real Estate BAPI or API for Supplemental Text (Memo Fields)

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Can any one let me know if there are any BAPI or API by which i can load long text into Memo Field (Supplemental text). we are on ECC 6.0 version (FLX-RE)



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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the upload of additional texts with BAPI or batch input recording is

not supported.

It's not possible to create notes or memos with the same BAPI call for

creating the real estate object itself. But you can add supplementary

texts in a 2nd step for existing real estate objects.

(1) Additional texts are SAPscript text modules

Use function modules INIT_TEXT and SAVE_TEXT.

Keys of RE-FX text modules are:

- OBJECT always "RE"

- ID = group key, e.g. "TMNO"

- NAME = <INTRENO of real estate object>#<subkey>#

- LANGU = logon language

Simply create a memo manually and check the resulting SAPscript text

module with report RFRECATM (tool to maintain text modules).

Function modules CONVERT_STREAM_TO_ITF_TEXT and

CONVERT_ITF_TO_STREAM_TEXT may be helpful to work with the SAPscript

ITF text format.

(2) Update of table VICAADDTEXT

The relationship between contract and text id is stored in table

VICAADDTEXT. To see the before created text module in the contract

dialog you have to insert an entry in table VICAADDTEXT.

INTRENO intreno of the contract

TEXTCATE text category

ADDTEXTGUID GUID for additional text

A new GUID can be created with function call:



ev_guid_16 = ls_vicaaddtext-addtextguid

  • EV_GUID_22 =

  • EV_GUID_32 =

It may be helpful to first have a look at the content of table

VICAADDTEXT to see how already manually inserted entries are stored

in this table.

I hope that this information will help you to get the texts loaded.

Regards, Franz

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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may i know what is the function of supplementary tab?

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For uploading supplementary text, pl see my blog at the following link.


In case u need further assistance, let me know.

Cheers !