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FI-CA - Payment lot - Clearing type - Non assignable Payment - Advance

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We have several several processes creating FI-CA payment lots.

For most processes (case A), we want advance payments to be posted on contract account.

But for one process (case B), we want advance payments to go to clarification list.

I found the customizing option below ('Post non-assignable payment on account') which answers to the requirement:

- when value is 1, it works as required for case A

- when value is empty, it works as required for case B

But for the payment lots, I want both behaviors, depending on the process!

I created clearing type Z5 but cannot find a way to switch to clearing type Z5 instead of standard clearing type 05.

I could not find any event that matches my requirement.

I also tried several options of the clearing variant but none works.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help if you have any solution.


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Hugues.

Can you please elaborate a little bit on the logic behind your processes? And how are lots created, via FPB7 from the bank data storage? In this case, event 953 might help, if logic for process B applies, set C_BFKKZP-XKLAE to "X".



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There are additional options to influence the specifications for the posting on account: