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EXPORT_TD_TO_APPL.. only export basemembers..

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when using the EXPORT_TD_TO_APPL - it seems like it also tries to export calculated members. Calculated members being parents in hierarchies.

Is there any way to filter the export only to include basemembers ? Can I set up a filter in my transformation ? Or in the BW backend ?

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yes , only base members can be exported . you can create named filters for each dimension . in this case, while doing member selection to export,

1) By default you can see "CALC=N" in filter selections .Click on "Maintain Filter" -> enter a name -> save .

2) select Return by filter in the drop down box that is available in the same screen .

3) create this filter & retun by filter for all the dimensions

4) Run export package .

this way you can see only base members in csv file.

Hope this helps.