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Execution Order in ARM Workflow

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Type of Request: 23 (Role Assignment/Removal)

1: If in the request, the Role has the Remove action, we set it in the initiator to direct to a path without steps.

2: In the request table, we will have a second role with the action "Add" and for this case, the request will be forwarded to another path with a step for the roleowner to approve or not.

Is it possible for item 1 item to be executed ONLY if item 2 is approved (Approval Level: Request)?

The customer's requirement is that the user has only one Business Role.

Along with Abap, we will do an enhancement where, when submitting a request to a new Business Role, the enhancement will extract the user's Business Role assignments and modify to remove action.

Thank you friends

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I located the fit.


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This does not solve your requirement (based on what I understand). That only means that provisioning happens at the end of the request and not at the end of a path. If your "remove" role is auto approved (path with no stages), and the "add" role gets rejected -> the user will end up with no role.

Cheers, A

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I ran a test and it worked.

I also had to change the Approval and Rejection level for request

If the request is Approved, both paths are executed.

If the request is Rejected, both paths are aborted.

Thank you, Alessando