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Error while running Validation Data for category not found in application

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Dear Experts

While running Validation and IC Matching I am getting Error i.e. "Data for category not found in application CONSOLIDATION"

May some one tell me the reason and resolution.



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Answers (4)

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Hi RItesh,

I suppose your problem was solved in the meanwhile.

Anyway we had the same issue, when running Validations against ICMatching App.

That was because Method VALIDATION of Class CL_UJP_VALIDATE tries to relevant data in order to perform calculations (line 127), but if no data is found, ends raising an exception (with a misleading text line 143).


  read_trans_data_sqe( exporting i_application = d_application
                                 it_dim_list = dt_app_dim_list
                                 it_sel = lt_sel
                                 er_t_data = lr_data
  assign lr_data->* to <lt_finance>.
  create data lr_data like line of <lt_finance>.
  assign lr_data->* to <ls_finance>.
  lr_data1 = lr_data.

  if <lt_finance> is initial.


    raise exception type cx_ujp_process_exception
          exporting textid = cx_ujp_process_exception=>ex_no_data_found
                    d_application = d_application
                    d_value       = l_value.

Hope it helps


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We had the same error msg when we try to run ICBooking logic: "Data for category not found in application ICMATCHING".

That seems like wrong data in dimension members. But any corrections not affect.

We have found the reason by debugging abap code that called by *RUN_PROGRAM ICBOOKING script.

We use own "C_DataTS" DataSrc type dimesion instead of "C_DataSrc". C_DataSrc have been wrong configuration (values in IC_ORIGINE property in special TOTAL1, DEBIT1, CREDIT1, TOTAL2, DEBIT2, CREDIT2, ICDIFF members) for ICMathcing logic, but we not use them.

The ICBooking programs code checks ALL dimensions on dimension library (not only dimensions in own application). And first checks wrong C_DataSrc dimension. That is the reason.

We remove wrong properties and members for ICBooking logic in C_DataSrc dimension.

Try to check all another dimension that you not use.

Hopefully this helps..

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Hi Ritesh,

Can you please verify that you have data in your CONSOLIDATION application? Please check for the data for those members for which you are running the business rules.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Ritesh,

Did you get the answer ? I'm with the same issue.

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Dear Experts,

Any Reply on my Query???