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Error: "EVDRE:Disabled. Init. cache firstu201D - alternative solutions?

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Dear BPC experts,

all my EVDRE-functions for a specific application do not work anymore. I get the error message u201CEVDRE:Disabled. Init. cache first.u201D. When I enter a new =EVDRE() and click on refresh there are no dimensions in the selection window. For other applications in the same application set it works fine.

I already tried every SAP Note related to this error I could find and also everything I found in SAP Community Forums.

Things I already tried:

- process all dimensions

- delete evdescriptions (that might contain special characters)

- take one dimension out of the application add another instead

- clear local client application information

- refresh dimension members

- re-installed the SAP BPC Client on my PC

- full optimize of the application

- resetting the Everest COM+ Components and IIS on the Everest Server


- Login wih another use (BPC Sysadmin)

Has anybody another idea what could solve this error?

With kind regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Johanna:

I ´ve already got that error message, please try just deleting your local information (from de Excel client), and after that, the system automatically will close all the opened windows, then, go to "My Documents" and also erase the NW_XX folder, (don´t worry the next time you log in it will be regenerated). Then just normally log in using the Connection Wizard...

I hope it help you,


Luis de la Torre

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Dear both,

Thank you for your responses. I already tried both approaches before.

It seems that I had a corrupt time dimension in the rate application. I replaced it with a correct one. I was not thinking of this being the cause for my problem because I the error did occur in another application (not RATE).

Recommendation for everyone who has the same error message: Always go to eTool>Client Options>Clear local application information and login to Excel again. If not you might not be able to see the results of any changes you made in the Admin Client.



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Can you please process your application?