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/ERP/RTC_AMO key figure missing in RTC S4HANA FPS02

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Hi Experts,

Iam trying to create BPC Consol virtual provider in S4HANA FPS02.

but am not able to find /ERP/RTC_AMO KF in business content to use in our virtual provider, could you please help me how to install KF.


Reddy Srini

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This KF is not included in the delivered content. Instead, you have to create the KF on your own and enhance it in order to be DEC (28,2). It cannot have any currency IO attached either.

Check note

2460119 - Missing Key Figure /ERP/RTC_AMO and Characteristic /ERP/RTCMODEL in System of Real-Time Consolidation

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Hi Lucas,

i have seen and used this KF in my other FPS02 system earlier, but unable to see in this current system.

we have two different box for S4HANA 1610.

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Well, I'm not sure about that. In my experience, I created from scratch and enhanced as per instructions in the link:

Just remember that it cannot have a currency attached, otherwise you won't be able to complete your setup in BPC.
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Hi experts,

  1. When this key figure will be available? I do not understand, why /ERP/RTC_AMO KF is not available in business content for customers and consultants. What is the reason?
  2. Could you please show the screens with definition of /ERP/RTC_AMO?
  3. I have created a domain DEC (28,2) and a new DEC key figure ZRTC_AMO (standard format Number DEC, domain DEC 17,3) without currency IO. But in the S/4HANA system (FPS02) you can only use Eclipse HANA Studio to model Key Figures. There is no function in it to change the domain for the Key Figure. RDS1 and RSA1 already not allow to change Key Figure Definitions.
  4. So I used this created ZRTC_AMO KF for virtual Info provider. Ok.
  5. But in composite provider, when I try to map from view RTC_C_xxxxx_05 field CONS_SL with the ZRTC_AMO KF, the is no possibility. Only appears icon of black crossed circle, stopping the mapping.

Greeting and have a nice weekend.

Michal Skalski

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it happened to me aswell, but it got fixed after logoff and log in .

i know this is strange but this is how it got fixed for me.