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EPMOlapMemberO formula question

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hi all

I've created a report with 3 dimensions in Rows, 2 in Columns.

In Rows, dimension B_ENTITY has to be derived from the property "COCD" in dimension B_PROFITCTR. Both dimensions are in the row.

I've used this formula to derive the property inside the EPMOlapMemberO

= EPMOlapMemberO(EPMMemberProperty(, EPMMemberID(B16), "COCD"),"[B_ENTITY].[PARENTH1].[0109]","0109 - XXX","","000")

However, this EPMOlapMemberO did not populate to all lines downwards (I'm not talking about repating rows). If the next line has the same property as the previous line, it did not populate it. This causes subsequent rows which have different properties to not have the formula to derive. Does anyone knows how to ensure this EPMOlapMemberO is populated for all lines?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Go to "OPTIONS" - > Sheet Option - > Formatting - > Repeat Row Header.

Another thing, you can meet your requirement simply using standard functions.

Go to edit report ->B_ENTITY - > Select Dimension Property - > Select " B_PROFITCTR" -> Select COCD.

see the below example I am deriving profit center form cost center.


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Thank you Shrikant

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