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Hi Experts,

We had some issues regarding this feature of Bpc nw 10.0

when it was implemented in prod with live data, that is, the existing data could not

be retrieved in any report and when we looked at the back end, there were more than 2million entries

(which is the current count of data before) with all of them having zero values. Also, the technical

name under key figures for signed data was changed from /CPMB/SDATA to /CPMB/LSDATA.

We already processed dimensions and optimized (lite and full) the model but still we had 2million data

with all of then in zero value.


1. What happens to an existing data when the technical name of "signed data" or keyfigure is chaged?

2. Can we still retrieved the existing data?

3. How can we retrieved the existing data? (In the exception of restore, we had the existing data backed up

before implementing this feature, of course we wanted to know the reason behind this and the steps

to solve the issue)

to replicate:

1. Model should have existing data

2. Apply sap note 1829297, follow the guidelines in setting the global

and model level config.

3. Log in to sap gui and go to rsa1

4. Select the your environment and double click on your model/info cube

5. Under the key figures folder, there is an object LargeSignedData with tech name /CPMB/LSDATA (normally this was

SignedData with tech name CPMB/SDATA)

6. Create a report in web or excel, no data will be retrived.

7. Look at your data in the back end sap gui, and all data entries now have zero values.

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What happened with this? We're having similar issue.