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Email EAD or SAD

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Please how can I email a print message in Customs declaration automatically for GB print EAD. The EAD is created by Users, not sent from customs as an attachment. So basically how to switch email function to send a message out to external email recipient.


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Hi Manti,

Now that the UK has withdrawn from the EU, the only valid use of the EAD is for exports from Northern Ireland through another EU Member State. And even then, the only legal requirement is for the MRN to be available at the Office of Exit - no need for any particular format, under the Union Customs Code.

If you still have that requirement, one way could be to print the EAD as a PDF, and attach it to an e-mail for the haulier. Or, maybe even easier, just copy & paste the MRN into an e-mail.

If you are technically "able", then you can probably work out how to produce the e-mail output directly from GTS, but it's not provided as standard.


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Thanks Dave