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EBS: missing bank statement number

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for a customer I customize a bank account for electronic bank statement.

In the file that I get from the bank, the bank statement number is not maintained.



:28C:0 <-- bank statement number is missing

If the number is missing, the bank statement cannot be read.

In the transaction FF_4 the following message appears: "Abort import: statement number missing (record type :28:). Error message FV154.

Does anyone know a solution for this?

One could take over the bank statement date as bank statement number. But unfortunately I haven't found a way (user exit?) where or how to do it.

For any advice I am very grateful 🙂

Many greetings and thanks in advance!


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Hi alicja_z,

Normally such issues should be fixed by the bank. The first thing I'd do is to get in touch with the bank's IT department and check about that. I had a couple of cases where we could influence the logic for certain fields in bank statement just via a few mails with the bank. But I acknowledge that that's not always the case. That's why if it is absolutely necessary, I'd suggest to check out the user exit EXIT_RFEKA400_001 for that purpose. It is triggered during upload of bank statement and allows you to adjust the data in the bank statement. Please check out my blog post via this link. I hope it will answer some of your questions.