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Dynamic Parameters in MS Analysis Services and BPC

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Hello Experts !

I need to execute a BPC Package, but in Microsoft Analysis Services I'm not able to have dynamic parameters, so I have to do it manually every time, because of the following problem when I try to execute it in Source Editor on Analysis Services.

"Parameter cannot be extracted from the SQL Command. The provider might not help to parse parameter information from the commnand"

The source is Sybase OLEDB

Best Regards,


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Hi Rodrigo,

I'm not sure I understood your question.

I'm refering to this: "but in Microsoft Analysis Services I'm not able to have dynamic parameters"

What do you mean?

Are we speaking about tasks to process cube or partitions of SSAS(SQL Server Analysis Services)?

Are you speakinga about tasks from SSIS (Sql Server integration services?)

Into SSIS you can build tasks to accept parameters.

You can have also tasks into SSIS which can perform actions into SSAS.

MODIFYSCRIPT variable is used to send parameters to tasks.

If you will clarify your questions then I hope I will be able to provide more details.

Kind Regards

Sorin Radulescu

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Hello !

I'm using the SSIS and I'm in a dataflow ,but the problem I reported came up when I try to add a parameter in the OLEDB source editor using a Sybase connection.

Hope it helps to clarify what i posted before.