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Differences between BPC 10.1 NW and Microsoft

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Hello everybody,

I'm searching for a document with the specific differences between BPC 10.1 Microsoft and 10.1 Netweaver. Does anybody has such documentation, link or else?

Thanks a lot in advance!


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Hi Nidia,

as Stefan wrote they do the same thing.

Both use the epm add-in to build reports, business rules, packages, etc., client side are very similar and users will not see differences, the big difference is server side, NW version is on netweaver platform and it's combined with BW, MS version is stand alone and use MS SQL server, use the MS OLAP engine with some differences, 3 fact tables not only one as NW, this have a different impact on performance and on behaviour of lite and full optimize.

Script logics have some small difference, you don't have abap language but stored procedures same for transaction and function you will obtain the same thing with different instruments.

Normally MS version is used by companies that do not have other SAP modules and don't want to buy BW or by companies that have bought BPC before the birth of the NW version.



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Hi Nidia

BPC MS and BPC NW are essentially two different products although from an end user perspective they are doing (or are supposed to do) the same thing.

Each product is developed independently by different teams and with different sets of requirements. As the initial version for Netweaver (BPC 7.0) was a fork of the original BPC, due to the architectural differences of the back-end platforms and because they are being developed independently, each new release for each product adds different functionalities, features, etc.

So - to answer your question - we don't have such document as far as I know.