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Difference between BPC 5 and 7 ms

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Hello all,

I have found documents about the bpc 7ms but however im looking for whats the difference between bpc 5 and bpc 7ms systems, new features and so on. Do anyone have information about this. Please Share ๐Ÿ˜ƒ



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BPC 7.0 MS supports Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

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Right now BPC 5.1 is going on in the market, and BPC 7.0 NW version is in rampup.

BPC 5.1 is the Microsoft version which uses the microsoft tools (Excel,powerpoint,etc) and the backend is SQL server, while BPC7.0 will be having both Microsoft version and Netweaver version.Here Microsoft version will be same as for BPC 5.1 with some advancements,while for NW version the backend will be BI.

Between BPC 7.0NW and BPC 5.1

What is In

Integration with NetWeaver BI

Increased dimensionality

New Validations engine

Integration with BI Accelerator

Improved dynamic templates

Lifecycle Management (transports)

Statistics framework for monitoring

64-bit ABAP A/S support

Database neutrality

Debugging capabilities (ABAP only)

What is Out




Dynamic Hierarchy Editor


SQL-Logic in Script Logic

Some EV functions

Ability to rename a member, delete a member being used, reduce the length of a property

Custom Menus



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Hi Jojo,

From technical architecture perspective there are no differences but from features and enhancement purposes, we have like:

Management console

BPF enhancement- Email notification and multi reviewer

Enhanced BPC logging web interface

Support insight seasonality

SQE- Shared Query Engine

support of multiple hierarchies in time type dimension

Microsoft Vista and Office 2007 support (for client only)



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Office2007 support was already available in v5 if i am correct.

The enhancements in Shared Query Engine are of course a great plus in terms of performance enhancements.

For the customers there is a big need to do the upgrade because of the end of life of all verisons prioir to v7 (please review the product availability matrix for the exact dates and options, the PAM is available from the Sap Service Portal)

Hope this helps,


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Hi BPC Fans.

I am looking for doucments on BPCMS v7, Can anyone direct me to the place where i can obtain them?


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SAP Service Marketplace has a great deal of information (

BPC specific installation and Upgrade Information can be found under ( Then select from the left panel SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Business Planning and Consolidation, 7.0, version for the Microsoft Platform.

Hope this helps.