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Data Packages get values from current view

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Hello Experts.

I am trying to run a package out of my VBA code using the MNU_eDATA_SELECTPACKAGE command. Which is working fine.

These Package needs 3 Parameters Legal Entity and two others. Is there any way to pass this values from the current view to the package. Our customer is requesting this behavior.

Has anyone of you made any trys in this direction or knows how to handle this.

Many thanks in Advance

Daniel Schäfer

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Hi Daniel,

It is not possible for passing the current view values to the data manager package.

If you want the script to be executed for the CV values u can have the code in Default logic. The package is mainly for passing dynamic values which is got from the user prompt to the script.

We too tried this and ended in vain.


G.Vijaya Kumar

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Hello Vijaya ,

Thanks for your answer regarding that topic.

The actual problem is that we are already using the default logic for different opperations (the normal inserts of values) is controlled by this lgf. So we would have to send a dummy value to the code behind which we doesn't want at all. We already spoke about that internally. But I can not believe that there is no way to pass the CV to the data package.

Is there anyone here that made different expierience?